About Us

The Official logo of the Division of the EPIC Clan as of 2014.

The EPIC Clan is a division of the BEST Clan Organization, that was founded in December of 2008, by Raymond Chung & Dustin Monroe the current leaders of the BEST Clan Organization at the time. The EPIC Clan has through the past years been through various changes, including insignia, name and feel. The EPIC Clan was founded on the basis principles of creating challenges and finding ways of achieving EPICenes. The founding principles of the EPIC Clan remain the same, and are





After a member has achieved the principles of EPICenes they are known as EPIC Status. It has been true to the days of the founding that anyone who was EPIC Status where better than the non-EPIC Status counterpart in the Division of the BEST Clan, this has created a legend that made the EPIC Clan the most exclusive division of the BEST Clan Organization. Getting to the EPIC Clan is the hardest and out of the thousands that try only a few get in. Membership in the EPIC Clan is also require the completion of our famous "EPIC Challenge"         (Created by the very ones who get in, and the only solution is to meet or top the best score in the challenge. As with a annual renewal requirement this makes the EPIC Clan the hardest group to get in to as well as say in.

The mission of the EPIC Clan is to elevate the individual's skills to the next level, which achieves EPIC Status.